Understanding Millennials and News Consumption

The Media Insight Project (a research collaboration between The American Press Institute and the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research) have published a series of interesting and accessible projects that look into how and where consumers get their news and who pays for it.

The six reports examine how Americans access news, how the millennial generation can be separated out into a useful typology, the difference that race and ethnicity make to the way news is accessed, and explores whether age makes a difference to the way news is accessed.

Nieman Lab has looked at the research, and provides an interesting summation of how the news consuming habits of the millennial generation are nuanced; concluding that millennials shouldn’t be lumped together in a single group, but can instead be viewed in four distinct groups; The Unattached, The Explorers, The Distracted and The Activists.

Some of this seems a little obvious — divide the Millennial generation in half by age; in each half, some are interested in online news and some aren’t — but it’s interesting to see who pays for news and who is still relying on someone else’s subscription (probably a parent’s) for it.