Radio 1Xtra Academy audience insight

As part of Radio 1Xtra’s outreach initiative for 7,000 young people in Leeds and Bradford, BBC News Labs was invited to a three day Academy session in Bradford.

All the way through the event, we pointed our camera at the 16-24 attendees to ask them questions. How do you read the news? Do you actually care about what’s on the news? How do you get your news and your entertainment delivered to you?

The event, produced in partnership with BBC Learning, is one of 30 that will lead to the station’s flagship music event, 1Xtra Live, in Leeds, on October 17th.

The sessions and workshops ranged from “Blogging: how to build your brand” to “Journalism: how to be a digital journalist with BBC sport”. The attendees were given the chance to get to know the BBC face-to-face and to apply for work placements at 1Xtra Live.

The event for us: a workshop, a demo stand, and insight

Basile and Rob drove north with a lot of kit procured from BBC Factual to run a mobile video workshop on day one, and a stand in the Hang Out space on day two.

We took on board what we learned from running the Mobile Video Experience workshop in July and set the challenge to create 15-second videos to be uploaded to Instagram.

Day two was even busier, as we set up an impressive slo-mo camera rig, the Phantom, as well as many other gadgets and gizmos from our colleagues BBC Blue room - including Google Cardboards, Samsung VR kits and a 360-photobooth

Many groups of young people dropped in during the day to chat about what we do, or simply to learn how to operate the cameras and enjoy the gorgeous slo-mo shots.

Not too surprisingly, they highlighted their overwhelming use of smartphones and social apps. Whether their favourite is Snapchat, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, even the most telly-savvy we talked to highlighted the social dimension of their news consumption, as well as the desire for news with more personality, citing popular YouTube channels as examples.

All in all, a very interesting event for us - and hopefully, the attendees. We’re looking forward to the next mobile video workshop and to work with Radio 1 again.

And we’ll leave with with a nice picture of Basile, Ahmed from Blue Room, and Rob!