Searching for a Ghost Boat

A team of investigative journalists are searching for a boat which went missing with 243 refugees on board and are appealing for help from readers.

The investigation is being structured through weekly episodes on Medium. By electing to follow the posts readers are kept up to date when new material emerges and is published. The colaborative investigation is partnered by First Draft whose guides to photo and video verifying were looked at by Radar last week, and which form an integral part of the investigative source material.

The first published episode “243 People Disappeared. Young People. Women. Children. And No One Cares” tells the story of Segen, a 24 year old Eritrean, and her 2 year old daughter who were to be passengers on the boat which was supposed to leave the coast of Libya bound for Italy, but instead disappeared without trace.

‘We want to find out what happened to Segen, Abi, and the rest of the people on the Ghost Boat. And we want you to take part by working through the theories, sifting through the data, and suggesting your own lines of inquiry. Maybe there’s something you can find, maybe there’s something you know; maybe there’s something you can see that we aren’t seeing. So we are gathering evidence, exploring the story and creating guides on how to search for the answers. Join us’.

A guide to ways in which readers can participate in the investigation, and hopefully find answers for the desperate relatives of the passengers can be found here.