Buzzfeed Wants to Develop it’s Regional Reporting in the UK

Justin Ellis at Nieman Lab is reporting that Buzzfeed have launched a drive to recruit journalists from the north of England, Scotland and Wales.

Having appointed former Guardian editor Janine Gibson as editor-in-chief of Buzzfeed UK this year, he says they are now beginning to finesse their UK offering.

‘As BuzzFeed has developed its strategy for the London office, the approach has focused on granular reporting on elections and politics as well as developing reusable tech. “We’re not overly focused on building fancy show-off infographics or interactives. We feel that’s not an area where we want to compete. Where we want to compete is getting on the road and getting small scoops, really,” BuzzFeed U.K. executive editor Luke Lewis told the Lab’s Joseph Lichterman in March’.

The Guardian thinks the move will further anger those in the UK print newspaper industry who feel that local news is already under threat from the BBC’s proposal to establish a local and nationally shared pool of journalists, providing reporting on councils and public services.

‘BuzzFeed’s move into more localised content will not please regional newspaper publishers who already face significant competition to keep readers attracted to their online news sites. Earlier this month, publishers attacked the BBC’s proposal to help the local news industry by funding 100 local journalists calling it a Trojan horse for expansion’.