Zillah's 360/VR update. NYT gives away 1m Google Cardboards

This Week: The New York Times announced it would give away a over a million Google Cardboard headsets with the paper on November 7th, and an immersive documentary made by VRSE about three refugee children. Wired claims this will be VRs first “mainstream moment”.

And a reminder about how Google Cardboard is helping drive VR interest.

Discovery released an introductory film to guide you through their VR content. Especially worth watching is their Surf Lesson (check out the use of graphics). The camera casing gets a bit wet at times, but none the less it’s a 360 filming feat. Sharks Everywhere is fun too, with a commentary. Most of the films are short – between 2 and 4 minutes.

Augmented reality firm Magic Leap released a demo video. Lots of us remain sceptical, but if this works it’s impressive.

And to offer some balance to the hype, here’s a piece on why mass market VR won’t come soon.


Next week I’ll be reporting back from Dutch VR Days.

Zillah Watson, Editor, BBC R&D