Alain Robert Climbs BBC in 360


Labs got their hands on the new Ricoh Theta S 360 camera and tested it filming human spiderman Alain Robert climbing New Broadcast House.

Alain Robert standing

The footage was shot from a tripod around a metre high and captures the gravity defying Frenchman scaling the building under a beautiful Autumn sky.

The practicality of the camera is amazing as it’s tiny, quick, simple to use and fits a regular tripod. The ‘S’ allows quick download of the footage to a laptop and with Ricoh’s OSX / Windows app quickly stitching the 360 video together a youtube upload was possible within minutes of shooting.

This embed works if you are using the Chrome browser on a desktop or laptop.

Otherwise, try and use the YouTube app on your mobile device, and look at the clip here!

While there is plenty of ambient light, the contrast of the sky is quite high and it makes the subject and surround appear quite dark, also as he is around 15 metres from the camera he looks a bit tiny.

It’s hard to know if the bright sky was to blame, but we need to consider lighting and distance from lens in our next tests with this camera. Hiding the crew / lighting is another issue we’ll have to deal with in time.


If you are not using desktop Chrome, use the YouTube app on your mobile device, and see the Turkish clip here!