Drones vs 360


Drone pilot Owain Rich met with Labs to discuss the combination of drones and 360 cameras.

Owain has a can-do attitude and built this drone himself before any commisioning from the BBC. Now he and his team the Global Visual Unit (GVU) are responsible for taking dramatic drone footage around the world.

Some of the footage shot by the GVU was used as promotional material for the Brazil World Cup 2014

Drone closeup

A new feature Owain has recently installed with help from BBC Engineering is a Teradek downlink unit that will stream HD video to the ground with balanced wave output ready for live broadcast. Yay.

Drones come with a whole host of regulations set out by the Civil Aviation Authority as well as practical issues such as stability, battery life and payload so strapping a bulky 360 camera rig to one and keeping the shots steady enough to use might take a bit of practice, not that we mind.

There are some amazing possiblities for this combination of technologies, watch this space.

Drone Zillah