Zillah's VR/360 Update. Palmer Luckey and The Void - a VR theme park


This week, Palmer Luckey, the man behind the Oculus Rift, made some VR predictions.

Palmer’s predictions:

  • VR will transform education, for example allowing virtual trips to Paris. “Classrooms are broken. Kids don’t learn the best by reading books”
  • VR will work better for mobile first. The Oculus Rift will take longer because most people don’t have computers with high-end graphics cards, and the currently cables required are also an obstacle.
  • Oculus VR is working on serving more senses than just sight and hearing, including technologies around “scent and touch”

More details on Palmer’s Predictions

360 Video - New content

360 Cameras Update

We finally tried the Ricoh Theta S – a small consumer 360 video camera that’s just become available. The film quality isn’t great, but it was quick and easy to upload the footage to YouTube - you can see the 360 on YouTube here

Tom Poole in Birmingham has also been testing one and I’ll get him to share notes soon.

And for the future, here’s a video for Lytro - a light field camera.

The rise and rise of VR:

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