Mapping Social News with NewsWhip

NewsWhip, which has offices in Dublin and New York, specialises in monitoring sharing on social networks around the world. NewsWhip has a subscription service called Spike which can be used to track user engagement with stories based on topic or location. Each month NewsWhip publishes a summary of the numbers uncovered by Spike;

Each month, we publish lists of the top social publishers of the previous month, covering Twitter, Facebook and sometimes LinkedIn and Pinterest. The rankings are based on the number of shares, tweets, comments and other interactions accrued to content published by each site in the relevant month. The rankings give an interesting view of who’s attracting the most attention on Facebook and Twitter. They can help contribute to understanding what works on social.

A look at October’s activity for Twitter and Facebook shows some big differences on the numbers of shares between the platforms. Buzzfeed for example, has the highest number of Facebook shares (in excess of 6 million), and yet doesn’t even make it into the top table of shares via Twitter.

The methodology required to compile the figures shows the way data is collected from each publication necessarily varies. Overall monthly figures from NewsWhip are therefore unlikely to reflect the granular details a media strategist would find useful, which is where Spike is able to tap into the commercial market. For non subscribers however, NewsWhip also publishes a blog which has some very good entries on the theme of social media engagement and journalism. Here is a piece which looks at three good examples of stories that hit the the goals of engagement, presentation for social media, and targeted content.