Considering the Future of Mobile Journalism

Inc. have been reporting on the startling suggestion emerging from Ericsson’s ‘10 Hot Consumer Trends’ study, that smartphones will no longer exist in 5 years time.

It’s fair to say that the suggestion isn’t taken very seriously by Inc, and Chris Sutcliffe feels confident enough about the future of smartphones to ask ‘What will be the big challenges for mobile journalism in 2016?’, in an article for The Media Briefing.

Sutcliffe says that mobile news platforms ‘have the potential to reach their audience nearly around the clock’. But whilst the culture of connecting with news and sharing it via mobile has become established, there are still questions to be resolved: how can publishers make money from mobile audiences and should they build apps or mobile web experiences?

The Knight Foundation are hoping that U.S news start up Billy Penn will be able to address these questions and more with a new project which will produce a guide to mobile Journalism.

The guide will share lessons learned from the organization’s own work as well as from others, and will include descriptions and reviews of tools to gather, publish and monetize on mobile. While many digital journalism guides lose their value quickly because of the rapidly changing state of distribution and tools, Billy Penn will update this guide on a rolling basis and allow any newsroom to contribute new information on tools, workflows or strategies.’s Soundcloud platform ‘journalismnews’, is also thinking about mobile only audiences in their podcast this week as they talk to contributors and ask ‘How can media outlets captivate audiences and what are the challenges in aiming to do so?’