University Challenge with London College of Communication


Last week, Sylvia Tippmann and Lei He from BBC News Labs joined year 2 BA Journalism students at London College of Communication (LCC) and set the challenges for them for the next 2 months as part of their curriculum. This is the kick-off of a series of University Challenges BBC News Labs is planning to organise this year.

What is University Challenge?

News Labs’ University Challenges are a way for us to engage with the talents of news innovation straight out of universities. At the same time, we help universities distill their collaborative potentials into actually building innovative things for news.

What are the challenges for LCC?

Lei He is explaining BBC News Labs' Projects and University Challenge
Lei He is explaining BBC News Labs’ Projects and University Challenge

Based on the backgrounds and skills of the students, we set a challenge based on The Juicer, which is a news aggregation and content extraction API we have been developing. We aim to give the students some knowledge of data journalism and enhance their technical skills by using the Juicer API. At the same time, this is an opportunity for us to get feedback on Juicer and to improve its features.

Here’s the brief:

  • To explore the Juicer and to use it for news-gathering and academic research;
  • To find problems in using the Juicer and limitations of its output;
  • To come up with ideas and proposals to deal with the solutions to the problems you have identified - these could include improvements to the Juicer itself, or a proposal for another, completely new tool/interface for the Juicer.
  • To sketch a mock-up of how you think this should look (this can be hand drawn or a proper mock-up in a layout program, e.g. InDesign) to be included in your presentation.

Expected outcome

  • A presentation
  • A report
  • A mock-up or a design prototype

Next one…

We are currently preparing for our next University Challenge with City University London. Stay tuned…

Get in touch

Whether you’re a university student or a professor/lecturer, you’re welcome to get in touch with us to discusss future University Challenges.

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