Nuzzel is a news gathering app, which works by showing you the most shared news stories amongst your friends and contacts.

Being a Twitter user was an initial pre-requisite for the using the app but recent investments and subsequent redesigns have allowed Nuzzel to invest in additional functionality. This from Julia Greenberg at Wired;

‘Nuzzel works by suggesting stories to users based on how many times they’ve been shared by those they follow on Twitter. For example, if you follow a bunch of venture capitalists, you may find a story about Jack Dorsey or Square today in your Nuzzel feed. The model makes a lot of sense—if you use Twitter. The problem is that a lot of people don’t use Twitter. So to solve this problem, Nuzzel is launching a new version of its service today that it has dubbed Nuzzel for Everyone. Twitter users can still sign up and get a customized feed, but non-Twitter users now have a way to use Nuzzel, too. Anyone can download Nuzzel or open the website to find feeds built off of what people are talking about on Twitter. But now you yourself don’t have to use Twitter to see them’.

Anthony Ha at Techcrunch is also excited about Nuzzles recent makeover. Where the automatic assembly of a newsfeed from your social networking accounts was initially the only way to use the app, the latest iteration from the startup now has extra ‘discover’ functionality;

‘Nuzzel previously worked by creating a feed of the most-shared stories from the people you follow on Twitter. You can still create that personalized news feed, but the service no longer requires a Twitter login. Instead, you can go to the Discover section of the app to browse recommended feeds, some created by Nuzzel users, others created by Nuzzel itself. You can also save your favorite feeds and search through feeds and stories’.

Frédéric Filloux of Monday Note is a big fan;

‘Why are people so fond of Nuzzel? For one, Nuzzel embodies an emerging trend in the news distribution business. A trend that rides on keywords such as personalization, relevancy, and respect for users — on top of universal prerequisites such as interface simplicity, and speed’.

And here’s an interesting thought from Jim Edwards at Business Insider:

‘I’m not the only fan — Twitter investor Chris Sacca was raving about it too on a Periscope live-video session late Friday. (An increasing number of people I talk to say Twitter should just buy Nuzzel because Nuzzel may go some way to fixing Twitter’s chaotic news-feed problem.)’

Nuzzel can be accessed on a desktop or through the mobile app and even with a very modest presence on social media it seems to be able to produce an extensive and impressively personalised stream of news from quality sources.