Audio Streaming with Al Jazeera report this week that Al Jazeera have launched a live audio web app.

Mădălina Ciobanu says Al Jazeera want to help audiences in the Middle East, Africa and South-East Asia who may be subject to poor connectivity and data limitations. The new app is a stream of the audio of Al Jazeera’s TV broadcast but by removing the video portion of the Al Jazeera broadcast viewers can access the live broadcast on basic mobile devices as well as advanced smartphones.

This from AJ’s digital distribution manager;

“We want to make it as simple as possible for people to access Al Jazeera news wherever they are, in the most affordable way possible. And I think that if we can deliver a very cheap internet stream that is reliable and consistent, we will see a considerable pick up on mobile devices in those regions,” said Hoorzook.

As well as helping to distribute their news channel to the harder to reach audience, Al Jazeera hope that the service will also become popular with commuters and workers who will now be able to access the broadcast channel whilst they are unable to watch it on a screen.