Sponsored Podcasts and Podcasts for News

Nieman Lab publish a podcasting newsletter called Hot Pod. This week contributor Nicholas Quah was at live event organised in part by the Tow Centre, which set out to examine ‘Why Podcasting Matters‘.

Quah reports on an interesting discussion about the ‘nature of a news podcast’, and the sort of news reporting that might best be suited to a podcast format.

I felt the limitations of on-demand audio most acutely during the Paris terror attacks; I had spent much of that evening at work glued to my Twitter feed, and when I left for my commute home — a subway trip usually reserved for pre-loaded programming — I chose instead to walk back over the Brooklyn Bridge so I could keep tabs on the news broadcast over the WNYC streaming app. But then again, getting my live updates through the stream was in its own way suboptimal; important information about actual developments was relatively sparse, and the bulk of what I ended up consuming at the end was largely filler or recycled exposition. (Perhaps that’s the real value of a live news broadcast; not necessarily the advancements in what we know, but merely the ambient knowledge that a news team is observing, that the world is continuing to spin.)

In an extra edition of Hot Pod Quah looks at a new document which sets out ways of measuring podcasting metrics which might help to market podcasts to sponsors.

Laura Hazard Owen (also on Nieman Lab) has been examining the advantages of sponsored podcasts (no interruptions for the listener), and what’s in it for the sponsor (building long term relationships with the audience).