University Challenge with City University

The second chapter of News Labs University Challenges will take place on Saturday and Sunday 27th and 28th February, as we partner with City University for a collaborative hack event.

While the Challenge with LCC is taking the form of a longer-term project, City university and us decided that an extra-curricular two-day event would be a better fit for their students.

Our goal for this hackathon is to build a tool which helps journalists dive deeper into topics and do meta-analysis on news articles.

juicer front-end

We’ll give the students access to the Juicer, our experimental news aggregation tool. The challenge will be to find novel and interesting ways to present the data that grows by 15,000 articles a day at the moment. Students from City Journalism and Computer Science programmes will team up to respond to both sides, the editorial and the technical side, of the challenge.

As usual a Hack Event is a creative process and can take unexpected turns - some of our initial ideas can be found in this brief document, as a starting point.

City University and us hope to host around 30 students grouped in teams of 4-5 during these two days. Lei He, Sylvia Tippmann and Basile Simon will run the show for News Labs. Neil Maiden, Prof for Digital Creativity, is our partner at City - together we will brief students, and be there for technical help and feedback throughout the weekend. We hope to learn from each other in these two days: make use of the student’s collaborative potential to innovate and give expertise and a useful research tool in return.

Details about the proposal can be found here