About BBC News Labs

Founded in 2012, BBC News Labs is an innovation incubator charged with driving innovation for BBC News. We are part of Connected Studio - the pan-BBC Innovation Programme.


We started in 2012 with a series of 2-week “Labs” exploring the opportunities in Linked Data for BBC News. At this time, the Juicer project was started to provide a source of tagged News content to power prototypes.

Since 2012 we have grown from a few part-time staff, to about 20, from a variety of backgrounds. Our team includes journalists, developers, scientists, developer-journalists and broadcast craft experts from the UK, France, Italy, China, Germany, Russia, Thailand, Uruguay, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.

Our M.O.

We work as a multi-discipline incubator, exploring scalable opportunities at the intersection of:

  1. Journalism
  2. Technology
  3. Data

We work closely with BBC NEWS and BBC R&D, and we collaborate with News organisations, and academic & research institutions globally.

News Labs Projects

See the list of BBC News Labs Projects here.

Our goals

  1. Harness BBC talent & creativity to drive Innovation
  2. Open new opportunities for Story-driven Journalism
  3. Support Innovation Transfer into Production
  4. Drive open standards through News Industry collaboration
  5. Raise BBC News’ Profile as an Innovator

Get in touch

We’d be delighted to hear from you or to see if you can contribute to one of our projects - please tweet us at @BBC_News_Labs

This website is targetted at Journalists, Developers and Scientists interested in News Innovation.

You can find our major updates pitched at a broader audience here on the BBC Internet Blog.