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Labs is always looking to build connections with the wider industry.

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How to get involved

As part of a publicly funded organisation, we do our best to involve people from outside the BBC whenever practical. We open source some of the code from our projects, which you can contribute to here.

We also run events and hacks aimed at finding answers to industry-wide problems. You can keep up to date with our latest events on this page.

Current openings

We currently have no vacancies open. Check back soon!


Past Event

#newsHACK: Modular journalism

Modular content, structured journalism, atomised news, object based media - it goes by many names. It's all about using ‘modules’ of news content to enable the dynamic reconstruction of news experiences, customised for different audiences in different circumstances.

Past Event

#newsHACK: Storytelling with voice

Nine teams gathered at Level39 in London’s Canary Wharf for a two-day NewsHack on the theme of storytelling with voice. The interest in this NewsHack was the strongest we’ve seen all year. The ideas pitched lived up to the high expectations.

Past Event

#newsHACK: Tools for Multilingual Newsrooms

Around the globe there are dozens of news rooms operating in multiple languages. How can machines free journalists to concentrate on the journalism itself?

Past Event

#newsHACK: Tools for Investigative Journalism

Access to resources provided by the internet offers unparalleled opportunities for investigative journalists, but also major challenges. What are the best ways to take advantage of global expertise to expose criminality and shed light on atrocities?