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20 November 2018

Beyond 800 words: News formats for personalising and understanding

For every individual there are different needs from news at different times and places.
12 November 2018

Roundup: Hacking automated transcription technologies at Text AV

From fact-checking to scrollable video, here’s a look at seven projects from our latest language technology event.
22 October 2018

(re)building use cases for language technology in the newsroom

Five ideas from our latest #newsHACK with the Summa consortium.
17 September 2018

Experiments with AMP's new 'Stories' format for news

How we built a simple CMSfor Google's newest format — and what its future looks like at the BBC.
10 September 2018

Readers ask - but can AI answer?

The challenges of using artificial intelligence to answer questions about the news.
06 August 2018

Adventures in fuzzy matching with Match of the Day

How Google News Lab Fellow Dan Clark discovered that Gary Lineker sticks to his script.
06 July 2018

Roundup: Building the news for the next generation

12 ideas for engaging young audiences from BBC News Labs’ most recent industry hackathon.
07 June 2018

In Our Toolkit: BBC News BotBuilder

Scripting chatbots is hard. Here's how we're making it easier for BBC journalists
06 June 2018

Speeding up the BBC's speech-to-text pipeline

An apprentice tests new ways of cutting audio files to cut down on transcription time.
23 May 2018

Inside the BBC’s “innovation incubator”

What does a typical day in BBC News Labs look like?
29 March 2018

Rethinking newsroom innovation

Our Innovation Unconference invited innovation leaders to discuss the challenges facing teams within legacy media outlets.
27 February 2018

Face recognition: what use is it to newsrooms?

We built a prototype to highlight and identify the most important people in raw video footage. Here's what we learned during the process.
27 February 2018

A Brief Guide to BBC R&D’s Video Face Recognition

AI Research Engineer Fionntán O'Donnell explains how BBC Research and Development's facial recognition tool works.
29 January 2018

In-Article Chatbots

How can we help less engaged audiences understand big news stories?


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