BBC News Labs Projects

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    • #newsHACK - Industry Collaboration

      #newsHACK is all about intense multi-discipline collaboration on Journalism innovation, to support & accelerate the News Industry.
    • 360 Video & VR - Immersive News

      We are looking into the craft, applications and audience experience around 360 video filming and VR for Immersive News.
    • ALTO - a multilingual journalism tool

      ALTO is a virtual voice-over tool for reversioning video content into multiple languages using text-to-speech voice synthesis
    • Atomised News - with BBC R&D

      News Labs has been working with BBC R&D to explore a mobile-focussed, structured breadth & depth approach to News experiences
    • Audiogram Generator

      Audiogram Generator is a tool for turning audio content into video files that can be shared on social media.
    • BBC Rewind Collaboration

      The News Labs team is working with BBC Rewind - a project liberating the BBC archive - to share tech and approaches.
    • BBC for Voice User Interfaces

      We’ve been leading the way in exploring how the corporation should sound on smart speakers such as Google Home and Amazon Echo.
    • Bots

      We're exploring how bots can help the BBC reach new audiences and simplify workflow for our editors and journalists.
    • Connected Studio - World Service

      A programme of international innovation activities, aimed at harnessing localised industry talent to explore new opportunites.
    • External Links Manager

      ELMer is a prototype for automating external linking from BBC News stories.
    • Gifenator

      The Gifenator allows journalists to capture frames from live broadcast streams to republish as gifs on social media channels.
    • Growing Global Audiences Through Data Journalism in India

      We're partnering with Connected Studio to explore how journalists can use open data to tell visually compelling stories about India.
    • Language Technology

      BBC News Labs started a stream of Language Technology projects in 2014, in order to scale our storytelling globally
    • News Switcher

      News Switcher lets BBC journalists easily switch between the differents editions of the News website
    • News in Space

      The News in Space project attempts to find the similarity between all pieces of BBC content, no matter the format or subject.
    • Online Content Toolkit (OCTO)

      The Online Content Toolkit, or Octo, is a project exploring media editing, repurposing and augmentation based on the results of intelligent analysis.
    • RadioReader

      RadioReader is an experiment that lets journalists find, extract and publish audio clips from incoming radio inputs.
    • SCRIPT: Speech Synthesis for Spoken Content Production

      SCRIPT is a 3-year research and innovation project looking to develop synthetic voices for low-resourced languages.
    • SUMMA - Scalable Understanding of Multilingual MediA

      This Big Data project will leverage machines to do the heavy lifting in multilingual media monitoring.
    • Stitch

      Stitch is a tool that allows journalists to create rich graphics video templates directly from their web browser.
    • Structured Journalism

      Can we empower journalists with better ways of working with information, beyond the headline and text of a story?
    • Suggestr - connecting the News industry with BBC tags

      A new intuitive and quick way of tagging news articles with linked data concepts, which opens the BBC's structured data to benefit local News organisations.
    • The News Slicer

      The News Slicer takes MOS running orders and transcripts from BBC TV Broadcast Playout, then auto tags and auto segments the stories.
    • The Trust Project Challenge

      News Labs and BBC Connected Studio are helping The Trust Project organise The Trust Project Challenge - a two-day hack event aimed at finding practical methods of signalling trustworthiness in online news.
    • Transcriptor - create transcripts from News Video

      Transcriptor takes news audio content, transcribes it, then provides a means to view and edit the transcript alongside the original content.
    • Window on the Newsroom

      Window on the Newsroom is a prototype discovery interface to help Journalists find content quickly across the whole Newsroom system by story or metadata properties