19 Million Project

A combination of a hack event and an education summit designed to deepen our understanding of the refugee crisis and develop innovative ways to tell the story.


Break from traditional conventions of journalism and communications to develop radical new ways to share the narrative of the refugee crisis.

3 Team members from BBC News Labs are participating in the first part of The 19 Million Project - an 11-day combination of a Hack Event and an Education Summit.

This event brings together journalists, developers, designers, academics, government and business leaders and human rights organisations from the United States, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to explore how Europe's pressing refugee crisis came to be, and what can be done to best address it.

From the 19 Million Project team:

We are a coalition of journalists, coders, designers, digital strategists, and global citizens. We are coming together to address the spiraling crisis of the estimated 19 million people a year who are forced to flee their countries and risk their lives as they attempt to escape persecution, conflict and war.

We are committed to finding innovative ways to advance the narrative around this human rights crisis–and explore how the latest technology and digital storytelling methods can improve the reporting and drive global action to address this tragedy.

The 19 Million Project - explainer video

When & Where?

The gathering is in Rome, Italy beginning 2 November 2015 and culminate on 13 November 2015 at the La Coalizione Italiana Liberta e Diritti Civili Human Rights Awards ceremony.

Who are the Collaboration Partners?

You can see a full list of participants at the 19 Million Project here.

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  • We contributed to two prototypes, but neither of them found traction with either the BBC or other journalistic organisations.
  • We built contacts with new innovation partners.


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