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360 Video & VR - Immersive News

We are looking into the craft, applications and audience experience around 360 video filming and VR for Immersive News.


Explore the craft & value to our audiences, of 360 filming and VR - Immersive News.

Zillah Watson from BBC R&D (Internet Research and Future Services section) is leading this strand of exploration for BBC News Labs, looking at how the BBC might use emerging VR consumer tech to create new, immersive news experiences.

This project kicked off in March 2015, and is planned up until March 2016 currently.

It is focussing on the journalism applications, craft, and value to our audiences.

360 News Videos on News Labs YouTube 360 Playlist

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Streams of activity

  • Testing new cameras and stitching software to stay up to date with the best production solutions.
  • Producing and commissioning a body of 360 journalistic content to enable BBC stakeholders to better understand the possibilities of VR journalism and to facilitate audience testing.
  • Explore possibilities of constructed environments for journalistic storytelling.
  • Plan research to solve various UX challenges around VR in the home.


NB - use desktop Chrome browser, or YouTube app on iOS and Android.

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  • The BBC has a team dedicated to commissioning virtual reality and augmented reality material, including news stories about the Congo and the Nile above.


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