BBC Minute CatchUp - Pilot from RLabs in Cape Town

Status: closed
Enable users to stay in the know through a quick hit consumption of energetic audio, from BBC World Service

This pilot originated from the World Service: Connected Studio - Cape Town event, aka #newsHACK VII.

What is it?

BBC CatchUp aka BBC Minute - a simple lightweight media player designed to sit in web pages and/or function as an app on Mobile phones.

CatchUp plays the latest edition of BBC Minute, a 60 second audio news summary aimed at young people produced by the BBC World Service.

It is also being used World Service as part of their anniversary celebrations for BBC Minute and as an example of their innovative approach in Africa.

Find out more about the BBC Minute CatchUp from Dmitry Shishkin here on the BBC Blog.


After two rounds of user testing and development, you can now try BBC CatchUp on TASTER.

BBC Taster is the home of new ideas from the BBC - find out more about Taster here.



Get in touch - tweet us at @bbc_news_labs

Next Priorities

  1. Run for 3 months in BBC Taster
  2. Review