Atomised News - with BBC R&D

News Labs has been working with BBC R&D to explore a mobile-focussed, structured breadth & depth approach to News experiences


A snackable Mobile News experience which allows users to understand top stories rapidly and in as much depth as they choose.

BBC R&D are looking into atomised and adaptive experiences, based on assembling items of content at the point of consumption, according to the interests of the user and device capabilities.

Object Based Broadcast, Atomised, and Adaptive Experiences

Some segments of the audience find existing BBC approaches to news unwelcoming. We set out to explore if taking a completely different approach - segmenting stories into their constituent parts - would be more attractive to them. This space has been called Object Based Broadcast previously, though it is more about "on demand, IP-delivered content items" than anything to do with "broadcast" in the classic sense.

This area of exploration supports our Structured Journalism project, as we are prototyping towards a pragmatic and scalable approach to structure our News storytelling.

Shared objectives

The objective we share with R&D is to achieve better, more efficient storytelling across proliferating device and syndication use cases.

This will bring creative, UX and efficiency benefits.

BBC R & D posts in this space


  • Our first fully fledged experiment (with R&D) into modular ways of creating journalism has inspired several further investigations.


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