Blue Labs

Status: dormant
Demonstrate and disseminate innovation opportunities to BBC News' busy staff, in Broadcasting House

During the summer of 2015, BBC Blue Room and News Labs ran a pilot shared demo space in BBC New Broadcasting House.


We intend to create a permanent shared space, and in keeping with our M.O., we decided to prototype the idea to guage the level of interest in emerging consumer tech, and News innovation.

We varied the theme each week and incorporated technology including BBC Micro, Virtual Reality, Structured Journalism, Radio, 3D modelling and Mobile Video.

Did it work?

The sessions created a lot of buzz around the organisation and helped spread the knowledge of industry development. Groups who came in for instructional sessions all left with smiling. The net result was that more people heard about the programmes we run and know now how they might contact us with their ideas.

If you want to find out more, send us a tweet @bbc_news_labs

Next Priorities

  1. Secure demo space in BBC Broadcasting House.
  2. Demonstrate News Labs, R&D and Blue Room concepts in 1 shared space