Newsroom.Tools - aka Journalist Toolbox - from #newsHACK 2015

Status: closed
What might we create together, to improve the NEWS industry for UK & global publishers?

Newsroom.Tools (previously “Journalist Toolbox”) is a project conceived by a team from The Times (and Sunday Times) at #newsHACK 2015 - The News Industry Accelerator in June 2015.

The Times won the #newsHACK 2015 BBC First Prize

The BBC prize was “Have your project delivered to Alpha launch by a team from Goldsmiths University with development funding, critical feedback and advice from BBC News Labs”.

See our wrap-up post about #newsHACK 2015 for other outcomes from this event.

About Newsroom.Tools

The idea is two pronged. The first is a website that should present content presentation and publishing tools for journalists in a visually interesting way, making them easy to search, explore and use. The second is a set of underlying standards that tools for journalists should adhere to — covering design, documentation and implementation — agreed by an open community of developers and journalists that build and rely on these tools every day.

What do we mean by "tools"?

The portal includes tools and resources to help journalists and developers quickly produce online journalism formats including Maps, Videos, Images, Charts, Quizzes, Timelines, plus Research tools and more.

More about Newsroom.Tools - previously known as Journalist Toolbox

† photo by Matt Shearer

Next Priorities

  1. Complete the MVP features and content
  2. Launch alpha product & promote