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The News Slicer

The News Slicer takes MOS running orders and transcripts from BBC TV Broadcast Playout, then auto tags and auto segments the stories.


How might we automatically make our Broadcast News stories available in tagged segments?

While the BBC are leaders in Broadcast News quality and craftsmanship, there are still challenges in workflows between digital and broadcast.

This project illuminates some opportunities in faster, lightweight workflow and media segment availability.

What does the News Slicer do?

  1. takes timing data from MOS gateways about the programme running orders: in- and out- points.
  2. takes subtitles from each segment as subject matter for auto-tagging.
  3. uses ROT (Record of Transmission) as source video.
  4. Makes the video available in "slices" for each segment, with transcripts and linked data tags for each segment.

If you want to get in touch, send us a tweet @bbcnewslabs


  • We have a working prototype available for use by journalists.


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