Structured Journalism

Status: active
A structured approach to reporting the facts and constructing journalistic narratives.

BBC News Labs is on a mission to find pragmatic and practical ways to structure journalism narratives, in order to help News organisations curate stories that scale, adapt and connect across platforms and use cases.

Some of the questions we are answering

  • Can we empower journalists with better ways of working with information, beyond the headline and text of a story?
  • How might we scale a Structured Journalism approach across 1,000s of journalists, organisations, and make it "of the web"?
  • How might expressing journalism in a new medium affect our output and processes?
  • Can this approach help us focus more on informing the public on the platforms and devices they use, at scale, without having to curate for every possible display?

Further information


Next Priorities

  1. journalist/newsroom tools for creating structured data
  2. visualisation prototypes, incl timelines, geospatial, annotated articles, second screens